You would need to search far and wide to discover a better example of a band’s art evolving than that of Norwegian pop/rock mainstays, Moron Police. Widely considered one of Norway’s top live bands and having toured extensively throughout Norway and Scandinavia, they have performed at popular festivals like Fjellparkfestivalen, the Hove Music Festival and Norway Rock Festival, and were chosen to represent Norway at Finland’s by:Larm equivalent, Music and Media in Tampere. They’ve also supported other well-known acts like Major Parkinson, Honningbarna and Black Debbath.

Moron Police have just re-emerged from the primordial soup of modern music with their third album, A Boat on the Sea. The album represents the foursome’s maturation from a hard rocking party band to one that is more focused on catchy melodies and outspoken world views. And features artwork by international award-winning artist Antonio Segura Donat (DULK). It’s been a huge success and received top reviews all over the world – also in some of the most influential rock magazines like PROG and Classic Rock Magazine. Which has led to the band signing a record deal with one of the greatest rock/metal labels in Japan – and were nominated for “Best Rock Album 2019” and “Best Artwork 2019” by The Independent Music Awards. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Moron Police were also invited by The Prog Report in the US to perform in an all-star virtual concert on YouTube. Together with some of the biggest names in Progressive Rock.

Their debut album, The Propaganda Machine, was released in 2012 and led to them performing with the Kristiansand Symphonic Orchestra at the Kilden Theater and Concert Hall. Moron Police’s second album, Defenders of the Small Yard, dropped in 2014 with the help of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The albums were embraced by fans and critics alike and earned Moron Police international press coverage and radio play.

The band has also seen its music enjoyed in other ways. One of their songs, “Who’s That Chicken?”, has been covered by the most highly acclaimed high school show choir in the United States (Los Alamitos High Show Choir).

Moron Police
Prog/Pop Rock Band
Norway (EU)


Latest Reviews

Our most recent Album “A Boat on the Sea” has received stunning reviews by music critics from Norway to Japan, including features in PROG magazine, a plethora of webzines and even prominent YouTube personalities like Crash Thompson (The Rock Critic):

My Top 20 Of 2019

“I am really glad I went back and re-listened to this album! It’s a shame I waited until after 2019 was over because this would have made my Top 20 of 2019. Don’t sleep on this album like I did! 9.5/10″

My Favorite Progressive Rock Album Of The Year

“Moron Police have released one of my favorite progressive rock albums of the year, hands down. A Boat in the Sea is a gem and if you’re anywhere near as much a fan of synths, flailing guitars, strong vocals, and general catchiness, you need to hear it.”

One Of The Best Modern Pop-Prog Albums

“Simply put; this is one of the best modern pop-prog albums you will ever get the chance to hear! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your colon. Now off you trot and buy your own copy! – 10/10”

A Real Delight

A Boat on the Sea is a real delight, an offering that showcases top talent in under 35 minutes, leaving one begging for more. This boat cuts through the rock ‘n’ roll waves and provides a journey that is enjoyable from departure to arrival. It’s a rare album, one that makes you play air guitar or keyboards while grinning stupidly in blissful joy… 9/10″

One Of The Most Colorful Records I Have Heard All Year!

“This is one of the most colorful, most blush, most full and vivid and vibrant records I’ve heard all year… And one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve heard in years! It may not be just an album of the year candidate; it may be one of the contenders for the tippy tippy top! 5/5”

Buy This Album!

I honestly cannot remember having this much fun listening to a record in a very long time, there’s an utter freedom to the songs and the music, an almost childlike immunity to the cares of the world. Do yourselves a favor and buy this album, you will never regret it!



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